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2016/17 First Team Fixtures and Results

- Wessex League unless stated : (F)=Friendly, (WLC)=Wessex League Cup, (DSC)=Dorset Senior Cup, (FAC)=FA Cup, (FAV)=FA Vase

Date (BOLD CAPS=Home) Res F/A  
16-Jul FORDINGBRIDGE TURKS (F) Won 3-2 Report Collage
19-Jul WIMBORNE TOWN (F) Lost 1-2 Report
25-Jul Hamworthy Rec. (F) Draw 2-2 Report Collage
28-Jul Christchurch (F) Lost 3-4 Report
03-Aug PORTLAND UNITED Lost 0-2 Report Collage
06-Aug Hengrove Athletic (FAC) Draw 2-2 Report Collage
10-Aug HENGROVE ATHLETIC (FAC) Won 3-1 Report Collage
13-Aug Brockenhurst Lost 0-3 Report Collage
17-Aug LYMINGTON TOWN Lost 1-5 Report Collage
20-Aug FAREHAM TOWN (FAC) Draw 2-2 Report Collage
23-Aug Fareham Town (FAC) Lost 0-4 Report Collage
26-Aug Fawley Lost 4-6 Report Collage
31-Aug TEAM SOLENT Draw 2-2 Report Collage
03-Sep BROCKENHURST Lost 1-4 Report
07-Sep AMESBURY TOWN Draw 2-2 Report
10-Sep Bournemouth (FAV) PP    
13-Sep Bournemouth (FAV) Lost 3-4 Report
17-Sep Cowes Sports Lost 0-4 Report Collage
27-Sep Hamworthy United Won 3-1 Report Collage
01-Oct NEWPORT IOW Draw 0-0 Report Collage
05-Oct BEMERTON HEATH Lost 1-3 Report
08-Oct Horndean Lost 0-2 Report Collage
15-Oct Whitchurch United Lost 3-4 Report Collage
19-Oct ALRESFORD TOWN (WLC) Lost 0-4 Report Collage
22-Oct Bashley Lost 0-4 Report Collage
26-Oct BOURNEMOUTH Draw 0-0 Report Collage
29-Oct AFC Portchester Draw 1-1 Report Collage
02-Nov WEYMOUTH (DSC) Lost 1-3 Report Collage
05-Nov MONEYFIELDS Lost 0-4 Report Collage
08-Nov Blackfield & Langley Lost 0-4 Report Collage
12-Nov SHOLING Lost 0-4 Report Collage
19-Nov ANDOVER TOWN Won 2-0 Report Collage
26-Nov Alresford Town Lost 0-3 Report Collage
03-Dec FAREHAM TOWN Won 2-1 Report Collage
10-Dec FAWLEY Won 3-1 Report Collage
17-Dec Newport IOW Lost 0-2 Report Collage
27-Dec Team Solent Lost 1-6 Report
04-Jan WHITCHURCH UNITED Won 3-0 Report Collage
07-Jan Moneyfields Lost 0-3 Report Collage
14-Jan COWES SPORTS Lost 1-2 Report Collage
21-Jan Bemerton Heath pp    
28-Jan Fareham Town Draw 2-2 Report Collage
04-Feb HORNDEAN PP    
11-Feb Sholing Lost 1-3 Report Collage
15-Feb HORNDEAN Lost 0-3 Report Collage
21-Feb Portland United Lost 0-3 Report Collage
25-Feb Lymington Town Lost 0-2 Report Collage
01-Mar BLACKFIELD & LANGLEY Lost 0-2 Report Collage
04-Mar Andover Town Lost 1-5 Report Collage
11-Mar HAMWORTHY UNITED Lost 1-3 Report Collage
14-Mar Bemerton Heath Lost 0-4 Report Collage
25-Mar ALRESFORD TOWN Lost 1-5 Report Collage
01-Apr Amesbury Town Draw 1-1 Report Collage
08-Apr BASHLEY Lost 0-4 Report Collage
15-Apr Bournemouth Lost 2-3 Report Collage
22-Apr AFC PORTCHESTER Lost 1-4 Report Collage

2016/17 Reserves Fixtures and Results

- Wyvern League unless stated : (F)=Friendly, (WLC)=Wyvern League Cup, (CS)=John Stimpson Memorial Shield , (DST)=Dorset Senior Trophy (PBC) Poole Bay Cup

Date (BOLD CAPS=Home) Res F/A  
09-Aug AFC BURTON (F) Lost 0-2  
13-Aug FAWLEY pp    
19-Aug Fawley pp    
27-Aug LYMINGTON TOWN Won 5-0 Report Collage
03-Sep Bournemouth Won 1-0  
10-Sep HYTHE & DIBDEN Lost 0-3 Report
17-Sep TEAM SOLENT pp    
20-Sep Dorchester Town (CS) Lost 0-3  
24-Sep Brockenhurst Draw 3-3 Report Collage
08-Oct MERLEY COBHAM (DST) Lost 1-6  
11-Oct NEW MILTON TOWN (CS) Lost 0-5  
15-Oct DOWNTON Lost 0-2  
22-Oct TOTTON & ELING Won 2-1  
29-Oct AFC STONEHAM Lost 0-2  
01-Nov LAVERSTOCK & FORD Won 3-2  
09-Nov Bournemouth (CS) Draw 2-2  
12-Nov Hythe & Dibden PP    
15-Nov WINCHESTER CITY (WLC) Lost(A)    
26-Nov BROCKENHURST Won 2-1  
03-Dec Fawley Lost 0-4  
13-Dec WIMBORNE TOWN (CS) Lost 2-5 Report
07-Jan Downton Lost 2-5  
04-Feb New Milton Town PP    
18-Feb ROMSEY TOWN Lost 2-4 Report Collage
25-Feb NEW MILTON TOWN Lost 2-4  
28-Feb Hythe & Dibden PP    
04-Mar Totton & Eling PP    
06-Mar Team Solent Lost 2-6  
11-Mar Laverstock & Ford PP    
18-Mar FAWLEY Lost 0-1 Report Collage
21-Mar BOURNEMOUTH Won 3-2 Collage
25-Mar AFC Stoneham Lost(A)    
29-Mar Laverstock & Ford Won 2-1  
01-Apr Hythe & Dibden Lost(A)    
06-Apr Romsey Town Lost 0-2  
12-Apr New Milton Town Lost 0-5  
15-Apr pp      
19-Apr Lymington Town Lost 0-11  
29-Apr TEAM SOLENT Lost 0-5 Collage

2016/17 Ladies Team Fixtures and Results

- Dorset Womens League unless stated : (F)=Friendly (DWC)=Dorset Womens Cup

Date (BOLD CAPS=Home) Res F/A  
31-Jul Fordingbridge Turks (F) Won 15-1
AFC Stoneham, Verwood Town,
Wool and Winfrith, Blandford Utd
2nd N/A Collage
21-Aug Blandford United (F) Lost 3-10  
04-Sep Dorchester Town Lost 1-9  
11-Sep GILLINGHAM TOWN Won 6-1 Report
18-Sep Poole Town Won 4-2 Report
25-Sep SHAFTESBURY TOWN Won 5-1 Report
02-Oct WOOL AND WINFRITH Won 5-2 Report Collage
16-Oct BERE REGIS Lost 4-10 Report Collage
23-Oct Blandford United Lost 2-3 Report
06-Nov Chickerell United Lost 1-4  
20-Nov Wool & Winfrith (DWC) pp    
27-Nov POOLE TOWN RES. Lost 0-4  
04-Dec Wool & Winfrith (DWC) Won 8-2  
15-Jan CHICKERELL UNITED (DWC) Lost 0-2 Collage
12-Feb Wool and Winfrith Lost 3-4  
12-Mar DORCHESTER TOWN Lost 1-17 Collage
26-Mar Shaftesbury Town pp    
02-Apr Gillingham Town Won 4-1  
09-Apr Bere Regis Lost 1-18  
30-Apr Shaftesbury Town Lost 3-4  
14-May BLANDFORD UNITED Lost 1-6  

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