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Match Report Verwood Town vs AFC Portchester 13-Aug-2011


Our first league game of the season and eagerly looked forward to. We wanted a good start and against a good solid side like Portchester we had the stage to perform.

Within a minute of the start we pressed forward with Dyer making a break on the right. A quick and incisive pass found Haskell just inside the area. A swivel and a half topped shot trickled to the goal line. The keeper easily gathered the effort.

Haskell and Saxby broke through the middle but muffed the chance of a goal.

8 minutes gone and we were taught a lesson in approach. A break into the area resulted in Fawcett confusing feet for the ball. Clutching the centre forwards right boot Fawcett then had had to face the penalty. 0-1. doubt this was our day!

3 minutes later a break on the left and an absent defence meant a simple shot past Fawcett making it Portchester's second of the game. 0-2.

14 minutes Elysee raced down the flank and a deep cross had Haskell climbing high but not high enough as the ball dropped over the box and into dead ball.

Portchester had settled much quicker than us and looked sharper on the ball. Typical of the play was Verwood waiting for the ball to drop whereas Portchester were in and chasing.

Half way through the half the industrious Saxby blocked a clearance and following in hit a low shot but watched it hit the side netting.

Haskell and Lovell went close nearing the half time whistle but we couldn't find the cutting edge.

Half Time 0-2

40 seconds on the clock and we sprung an attack on the right. A lob over the defence and the keeper mad a dash to gather.

60 seconds later and Portchester produced a copy attack. A high lob, a runner and Fawcett's power of delegation worked as Murray raced across the box to boot clear.

3 min gone and Evans Lovell and Dyer worked the flank but the finish was poor. We were stuttering but getting better.

Saxby and Lovell then combined with Lovell firing just over the bar.

Barnet and Dyer then tried hopeful long shots but the keeper wasn't troubled.

17 minutes and Rogers fell in a heap on the right flank. A really serious knee injury stopped play. The ambulance was quick but the game was held up for half an hour as the owner of blue boots with pink studs was driven away.

6 minutes after the re start Portchester again proved the much sharper side and waltzed their way through a friendly defence to slot their third of the game. 0-3.

8 minutes and Lovell became the hero with a classic goal. Elysee broke away from defence. A pass down the line found Saxby. A low cross was hammered into the net by Lovell. 1-3.

Evans prompted and probed from the back, and with Morrison having to come off with a hamstring problem, forged a solid look at the back with Ben Hatch doing the holding role.

9 minutes remaining and Lovell again was free to pick up an Evans cross. Forcing his way through a tightly packed defence Lovell hit the ball low and made it his second of the game. 2-3.

We wilted. Scrappy defending with a couple of minutes left let in Portchester for their fourth and which proved to be the last scoring opportunity of the game.

Final Score 2-4

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