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Match Report QK Southampton vs Verwood Town 23-Aug-2011


Our second friendly began with the ball needing a sat nav. For the first couple of minutes we had play in the air and on the deck but in no particular order. Our contribution was 50% so it was no wonder Adie Arnold took on a jaundiced expression.

It got better. QK worked the ball well and it made us play. The game opened up and we saw activity in both areas.

Dan Wilson at left back was put to the test as QK broke on the left. Wilson's anticipation was excellent and the ball was quickly chipped to Brown. Hatch took the cross field ball and a half volley into the area caused a stir but not enough to beat the keeper.

Freeman swept away danger as the home side made space in the middle and Barnet carried on the route to goal with a sparkling run. A great cross found Aspin but Aspin's delivery just inside the box popped up into the keepers arms.

QK hit back down their left. A deep cross was intercepted by Morrison and we broke through the middle of the park. Haskell turned his marker and a cross to Hatch gave room for a cross. The ball however dropped easily for a clearance.

Lynch caught a hopeful high ball but apart from that there wasn't much for him to worry about.

Evans was again having a good game. It puzzled us. Could it continue?. Anticipation was good and passing was a joy to watch.

23minutes and Haskell almost broke the deadlock with a rasping drive just over the bar after a Brown chip had been scrambled off the line.

42 minutes and QK had a shot brilliantly saved by Lynch from about 4 yards.

Half Time 0-0

Rogers came on for the second half sporting Ladies Boots. Bright blue with pink studs. The blue hue matched Craig's eye shadow and offset nicely, his mascara.

We had 8 minutes of pressure as QK forced the pace and we inched back to defend our area.

We defended well and gradually got our act together. Aspin and Brown combined to open up the left hand side and a low shot from Brown was saved at the foot of the post.

Haskell and Evans then worked the flank and Hatch steamed in to put the ball wide.

Both sides were poor in front of the sticks. Keepers made reasonable saves but there was nothing to really trouble them.

Wilson had the beating of his man and after one good tackle made ground on the left. A chip found Haskell. A low through ball an Aspin had a glorious chance but hit the ball high and wide.

White had a half chance and then Morrison steamed forward to hit a shot wide.

QK hit back and the game became a bit fractious. Refereeing decisions were challenged regularly and tempers frayed. The game became 'bitty'.

QK then had the edge and we were forced to defend in numbers. Good football from the home team perked us up and we were forced to match them. The game was better to watch.

71 minutes and a break down the middle brought the best tackle of the game from Morrison as he touched the ball off the centre forward's toes as he was about to shoot.

A minute left and QK hammered the ball into the box. It looked as if it had crossed the line but the ref overruled the call.

Result 0-0

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