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Squad Page : Team Pictures across the Years

Verwood Town 2023/24 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 13th January 2024

Verwood Town 2023/24 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 29th September 2023

L-R (back) David Leigh (Committee), Darren Shepherd (Co-manager), Josh Jones keen (Coach), Matt Davis, Callum McHale,
Dave Kerr, Sam Hockey, Ed Phillips, Reece Mitchell, Jack broad, Aidan Shepherd, Matt Pope, Danny Tabor (Co-Manager),
Steve Wooldridge (Kit man), Sam Doherty (Physio)
L-R (front) Cam Smith, Jordan Dibben, Dillon King, Jake Carswell, Ollie Lowes, George Richardson, Louis McWilliams , Sam Danvers

Verwood Town Reserves 2022/23 - The Second Team taken prior to their match on 22nd October 2022

Verwood Town 2022/23 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 20th August 2022

Verwood Town 2020/21 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 12th September 2020

Verwood Town Ladies 2019/20 - The Ladies Team taken prior to their match on 29th September 2019


Verwood Town 2018/19 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 13th October 2018

L-R (back) John Brewer (Physio), Andy Betteridge (Coach), Sam Joy, Charlie Gajic, Charlie Pierson, Chris Lynch, Michael Johnston, Dean Evans, Morgan Cole, Adie Arnold (Manager), Tara Goldingay (Physio)
L-R (front) Henry Hodge, Micky Cowland, Charlie Heggan, Alex Eaton, Joe Kimber, Tyrone Carkeet, George Richardson, James Guthrie, Owen Nicholson, Ollie Davies

Verwood Town Ladies 2018/19 - The Ladies Team taken prior to their pre-season match on 7th August 2018

L-R (Back) Sally (Asst Mgr), Stacey, Carys, Sophie, Cleo, Kirsty, Karla, Fran, Olly (Manager)
L-R (front) Grace, Milly L, Caz, Julie, Georgie, Milly A

Verwood Town 2017/18 - The First Team taken prior to their match on 17th February 2018

L-R (Back) Tara Goldingay (Physio), George Turner, Ryan Watkins, Ollie Davies, Martin Smith, Charlie Gajic, Chris Lynch, Jaco Castillo-McPherson, Morgan Browning, Callum Ballard, Adie Arnold (Manager)
L-R (Front) Ben Oxtoby, Jamie Webber, James Guthrie, Russell Dyer, Brad Gale, Sam Lench, Jamie Robinson, Joe Manley

Verwood Town Ladies 2016/17 - A Team Photo taken prior to the 4 team Tournament on 14th August 2016

Verwood Town First Team 2015/16 - A Team Photo taken prior to the Match on 21st November 2015.

L-R (Back) Brian Churchill (Coach), Ben Sullivan (Coach) Ben Kelly, Joe Wood, Liam Donachy, Zach Phelps, Chris Lynch, Jmes Murray, Max Brimson, Brad Goddard, Jack Swann, Dan Scott (Physio), Alan Lay (Manager)
L-R (Front) Aaron Atkinson, Jordan Fisk, Dean Evans, Charlie Gajic, Steve Jefferis (Chairman), Russell Dyer, Joe Kimber, Tyler Rutten

Verwood Town Ladies 2015/16 - A Team Photo taken prior to their First League Match on 20th September 2015.

L-R (Back) Kerry Dewsnap (Manager), Holly Scott, Jo Phillips, Lisa Tickner, Rhiannon Butler, Lucia Hemingsley, Harris Dewsnap, Matt Dewsnap (Coach)
L-R (Front) Sharon Reeves, Charlotte Dunn, Jaqui Williams, Sarah Lally, Lowri Fernyhough, Steph Herbert, Paige Bushell, Sophie Brooks, Kirsty Jeziorek, Karla Jordan

Verwood Town First Team 2014/15 - A Team Photo taken prior to the Match on 14th March 2015.

L-R (Back) Dan Scott (Physio), Carl Poore (Manager), Max Brimson, Matt Golby, Matt Groves, James Collins, James Murray,Charlie Gajic, Josh Buck, Liam Donachy, Gavin Reeves (Coach), Steve Jefferis (Chairman)
L-R (Front) Jordan Fisk, Dean Evans, Declan Cleft, Russell Dyer, Tyler Rutten, Tom Whelan, Taffy Richardson

Verwood Town Reserves 2014/15

L-R (Back) Matt Collins, Jack Renshaw, Ben Giles, Ray Stroud, Darren Munday, Fraser Reed, Harrison Harding, Michael Snow
L-R (Front) Alex Eaton, Joe Kimber, Matt Gilham, George Thomas, Matt Lusted

Verwood Town First Team 2014/15 - A joint photo taken for "Football Remembers" prior to our FA Vase match with St Austell on 6th December 2014.

"Football Remembers" - Football Remembers Week is a joint collaboration between The FA, the Premier League, the Football League and the British Council, the aim is to engage football fans and players at every level about what took place on Christmas Day one hundred years ago on the battlefields in Belgium

Verwood Town First Team 2013/14 - First Team Photo prior to the first match of the Season at Potterne Park on 3rd August 2013

L-R (Back) Andy Darnton (Coach), Matt Oldring, Mike Haskell, Chris Lynch, Martin Smith, James Murray, Ben Kelly, Jack Lovell, Adie Arnold (Manager)
L-R (Front) Russell Dyer, Luke Homer, Dean Evans, John Webb, Nathan Saxby, Joe Kimber, Matt Gilham, Brad Hill

Verwood Town Reserves / Rossgarth YFC U18 2013/14 - A combined photo of Verwood Town Reserves Team prior to the first Pre-Season match at Potterne Park with our Affiliate Club Rossgarth Youth FC on 8th August 2013

Verwood Town Reserves 2013/14 - Reserves Team prior to prior to Pre-Season match at Potterne Park on 8th August 2013

Rossgarth YFC U18 2013/14 - Rossgarth YFC U18 team prior to prior to Pre-Season match at Potterne Park with Verwood Town Reserves on 8th August 2013

Verwood Town First Team 2012/13 - Team Photo prior to the Wessex League Match at Potterne Park on 27th October 2012
L-R (Back) Dan Scott (Physio), Andy Darnton (Coach), David Rhodes, Charlie Gajic, Mike Haskell, Matt Delaney, Ben Kelly, Jack Smith, Martin Smith, Chris Lynch, Adie Arnold (Manager)
L-R (Front) Kris Anderton, Jack Jones, Charlie Elysee, Dean Evans, Jack Satterley, John Webb, Brad Hill, Nathan Saxby, Russell Dyer

Verwood Town Reserves 2012/13 - Team Photo taken towards the end of the season prior to their Wyvern League Match at Potterne Park on 24th April 2013
L-R (Back) Joe Warden, Scott Taylor, Matt McGilchrist, Josh Brown, Charlie Gajic, Kane Brennan, Adam White, Pete Eyre
L-R (Front) Ben Clark, Ben Richards, Matt Gilham, Jack Mills, Ben Giles, Will Cobley

Verwood Town First Team 2011/12 - Team Photo prior to the Wessex League Match at Potterne Park on 8th October 2011
L-R (Back) Dan Scott (Physio), Nigel Reeves (Dir. of Football), Charles Gajic, Matt Dear, Matt Delaney, Ben Kelly, Chris Lynch, Mike Haskell, James Murray, Tom Freeman, Adrian Arnold (Manager), Mark Beverley (Assistant Manager)
L-R (Front) Dan Wilson, Luke Homer, Nathan Saxby, Dean Evans, Russell Dyer, John Webb, Craig Barnett, Charlie Elysee

Verwood Town Reserves 2011/12 - Reserve Team Photo prior to first Wyvern League Match at Potterne Park on 31st August 2011

Verwood Town 2010/11 - Team Photo prior to match on 21st August 2010.

L-R (Back) Martin Newbery (Coach), Paul Arnold, Chris Lynch, Mike Haskell, Adam Tong, Matt Delaney, Ben Kelly, Matt Dear, Matt Newbery, Adie Arnold (Manager)
(Front) Charlie Elysee, Paul stephens, Russell Dyer, Luke Homer, James Murray, Adam Faulkner, Tom Freeman

Verwood Town 2009/10 - Team Photo 2009 prior to pre-season friendly on 1st August 2009.

L-R (Back) Nick Lanahan (Coach), Sean Jones, Sam Lanahan, Ben Truan, James Murray, Chris Lynch, Adam Faulkner, Paul Arnold, Dan Fawcett, Adie Arnold (Manager), Nigel Reeves (Assistant Manager), Dan Scott (Physio)
(Front) Matt Bircumshaw (Coach), Charlie Elysee, Russell Dyer, Dean Evans, Luke Homer, Matt Newbery, Josh Goncalves

Verwood Town First Team 2005/06 - First Team Photo taken in December 2005 before Dorset Cup tie with Portland United

L-R (Back) Dean Evans, Jon Homer, Luke Homer, Kevin Bennett, James Burner, Paul Reeves, Paul Arnold
L-R (Front) Pete Eyre, Mark Beverley, Lee Pidgley, Dan Goodall, Ben Giles, Chris Lynch, Russell Dyer

Verwood Town 2004/05 - First Team Photo taken in August 2004

Verwood Town Youth 2001/02 - Dorset League Champions team with Manager Forbes Philipson-Masters

L-R (Back) James Kennedy, Oliver Philipson-Masters, Simon Edwards, James Monaghan, Chris Lynch, Tom Walker, Patrick Yerby, Forbes Philipson-Masters (Manager)
L-R (Front) Peter Hunt, Paul Reeves, Mark Hodges, Mark Burridge, Andy Ollerenshaw, Dimitri Charlick

Verwood Town 1995 - First Team Photo

L-R (Back) S.Guy, S. Philips, A. Bingham, P. Moore, C. Randall, A. Long, S. Leigh, J. White, A. Barham, L Simmonds
L-R (Front) D. Pask, A. Pharoah, A. Arnold, M. Pharoah, P. Yerby, Not Identified

Verwood Town 1990 First Team Photo

from match programme 1990/91 Season

Verwood Town F.C. are pictured with Mr Pete Smith, managing director of the club's major sponsor - Verwood Ford

L-R (Back) Bert Pharoah(Chairman), Andy Barham, Shaun Gale, Shaun Phillips, Ashley Long, Mark Bingham, Pete Smith
L-R (Front) Tony Pharoah, Graeme McMillan, Adrian Arnold, Simon Guy, Alan Bingham, Martin Pharoah, Bob Maidment(President)

Verwood Town 1989 First Team

from match programme 1989/90 Season

Verwood Town 1988 First Team Squad

Image provided by Martin Shutler

L-R (Back) Paul Martin; Steve Tubbs; Chris Edge; Ashley Long; Mike Ginevra; Alan Dickinson;
L-R (Front) Mike Eyres; Sean Phillips; Martin Pharoah; Willie Ahern; Tony Pharoah; Martin Shutler; Shaun Gale.

Verwood Town 1985 First Team Squad

Image provided by Martin Shutler

L-R (Back) Steve Norman; Alan Shakeshaft; Steve Richards; Ashley Long; Cliff Miller; Mike Ginevra; Chris Edge.
L-R (Front) Graham Foster; Barry Hollywell Steve Street; Martin Shutler; Mike Eyres; Martin Pharoah


Verwood Football Club 1927

Image provided by J. Brewer

Verwood Football Team - most probably displaying the Hanbury Cup which was won three years in succession.

Following are further team pictures submitted by ex Players and family


Verwood Football Club




Verwood Football Club




Verwood Football Club




Verwood Football Club Mid 50’s?




Verwood Football Club




Verwood Football Club




Verwood Football Club 2nd XI 1920/21




Verwood Football Club 1920's

Image provided by Lita Thorne

Verwood Football Team - believed to be early 1920's - at the moment we have Charlie Oxford back row, 4th on the right identified by Lita