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Match Report Cowes Sports vs Verwood Town 24-Mar-2012


Cliches showered down…'every game a cup tie'…'this ones the one that matters'…etc etc. Reality was simply a game against an excellent and well managed team, on their pitch. We had to have a good start. Gajic and Webb worked the ball quickly left. Homer overlapped and slipped the ball inside to Satterley. A right foot low shot went wide of the foot of the post.

The dead ball kick landed centrally and this time won by a Cowes head. Kelly cut across to stop the attack. It was a good opening with both sides committed to attacking football. 9 minutes into the game it was Kelly again taking over the ball on the left nodding a header back to Lynch.

Dyer won a tussle for the ball on the left and a pass back to Gajic gave space for a switch ball right. Gajic raced into the box for the return but a great defensive header from the number four cleared the danger. Delaney watched the dropping ball and shadowed it back to Lynch. A huge drop kick cleared the middle of the park and Haskell this time won the header but saw the ball drop wide of the post.

18 minutes gone and an Evans cross was cleared out of the Cowes box. The ball dropped near the half way line. Up went Gajic to power the ball forward for Wrixton to race clear. We were astounded to see the linesman's flag go up for an offside. The claim was that Mike Haskell had strayed a toe…but what that had to do with the ball out to the right when Haskell was left central was puzzling?. A voice in the crowd made a suggestion that could save the NHS millions. Flags of the type that were used on the line could be used for pile cleansing!!!

A minute later Haskell closed down the centre half and won the ball. A slide rule pass through the defence saw Satterley run free to slam the ball into the net. Celebrations were short lived. The linesman's flag indicated another offside. Was it still up from a minute ago or was this another judgment? It turned out to be the latter. The same wag in the crowd reckoned Specsavers were missing a trick on the Isle of Wight. We got on with it.

Cowes picked up pace and Lynch made a great save cutting out a cross on the penalty spot. Evans and Homer were excellent at full back and both Kelly and Delaney were resolute in their defensive roles.

30 minutes and 43 minutes almost chalked up a goal as Satterley had one shot saved with the other rattling the cross bar from 25 yards.

Half Time 0-0

We still wonder what Cowes players had at half time. A juggle with their formation helped but they stormed out of the traps as soon as the whistle went and 28 seconds old broke away on the right. A low cross was met by a Kelly boot but it was sliced and the bounce fell ideally for a crack at goal. Lynch made a terrific save and walloped the ball down field in the hope of catching Cowes too far forward.

It wasn't to be. Back it came and we looked a bit slow to the ball comparing our performance to that of the first half.

2 minutes gone and another break on Cowes left saw the ball whip across the area. A fierce header goalwards and Lynch rose like a legless Gazelle to tip over the bar. A minute later a Cowes corner was headed over and then on 53 minutes Lynch punched a ball out from under the bar. Dyer chased it out of the area to safety.

Cowes continued their eagerness for the ball and we were definitely second best. Gajic and Webb worked hard in the middle and we gradually got back into the game. Wrixton tried a long shot and then Satterley rapped an angled shot that the keeper found hard to handle.

70 minutes and we were back in the mix. Delaney floated a free kick for Haskell to head and the keeper yet again made a clean catch. A throw wide was chased down by Wrixton and a cross found Satterley. A lob over the keeper was the intent but there was no power and the keeper had an easy catch.

Satterley broke free again a couple of minutes later but pulled up as a hamstring decided he could go no further. On came Anderton at left back and Luke Homer went wide left as Adie shuffled his pack.

A snap raid from Cowes and Kelly shadowed the ball out. The linesman's flag went up as the official reckoned the ball had hit Kelly's leg before going over the line. He couldn't confirm which leg but the decision stood. In came the corner up went Delaney and we breathed a sigh of relief as the ball cleared the area.

Another corner and it looked like all of the Cowes players were in the box along with their supporters. Kelly headed out. Evans raced down the line and chipped on to Webb. A hook shot on goal brought out a fine save.

86 minutes 40 seconds and Wrixton slipped the ball to Haskell. Up it popped nicely for Haskell to try a 20 yarder……1-0. Out came the valium but we were still ahead at the whistle.

Full Time 1-0

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