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Match Report Verwood Town vs Christchurch 27-Aug-20


Christchurch came to a grinding halt in the first minute as Elsom blocked their attack just outside the box. A chip forward landed for Watkins to race away and an intelligent Vining run created space for the cross. No one was there to put the ball in the net.

A good opening and both sides committed to attack. Christchurch response was a break on their left but Eddicott cut out the threat giving away a corner. Kelly was first under the ball. Elsom carried on the clearance and used our answer to Usain Bolt (Ryan Watkins) to create another run. Watkins cross was punched away by the keeper.

Davies worked the middle and a good through ball found Butler with 11 minutes on the clock but Butlers pace was too much for the linesman and a flag whipped up for offside (questionable).

Smith was dominant alongside Davies and the game was evens in terms of midfield activity.

Mayer made a couple of good saves as Christchurch bounced back and one in particular was exceptional flicking the ball past the post in a full length dive.

Christchurch worked hard to get on top but we pushed on and Smith had a fierce shot beaten out just before Nicolson was dropped outside the box earning a free kick.

Butler hit the wall, a scramble had the ball partly cleared. Davies followed up but hit the wall. Another half clearance and Eddicott collected the ball finding Vining in the middle of the park. Good feet and a chip over a defender gave space for Butler. A run through defence and a low shot hit the back of the net. The linesman swung an arm and an offside flag again denied Butler the opener.

3 minutes to go and we got caught on the break. A low cross to the edge of the box was volleyed past Mayer. 0-1.

Half Time 0-1

On at half time … Parslow Cooper Hall Off…Zanin Mayer Davies.

Christchurch took advantage of a slow settling in and 2 minutes into the half had space in the middle to open up a gap akin to the M5. A looping shot flew over the stranded Cooper to make it 0-2.

7 minutes.. Off came …. Smith and Watkins …. On came …. Dyer and Glatzel.

Suddenly we looked as if Covid 23 had hit. Lethargy and poor passing eased any doubts for the Christchurch bench of a fear of being caught.

We rallied briefly for Nicolson to cut into the Christchurch box. His legs were whipped from underneath hmi, Up stepped Butler to smash the ball past the keeper. This time the linesman’s flag remained where it should have been earlier.

Then….Nuff said ….. we went from bad to worse. Cooper developed a stooping syndrome as shots whistled past him into the net.

Result 1-8

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