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Match Report United Services Verwood Town vs Warminster Town 21-Jan-2012


Both teams tried hard to develop a passing game but a strong gusting wind made it difficult. Defence's had to be extra vigilant as the ball swirled and dipped.

Evans broke through on the right with five minutes gone and a low cross to avoid the high deflections found a way through, but Warminster's keeper was down quickly to gather close to the post.

Haskell's strength carried him through a couple of tackles and with Gajic breaking free we almost scored as the ball whipped through the defence but again the keeper gathered safely.

Lynch flipped a curling ball over the bar and then showed safe hands as the ball dipped near the penalty spot from the resulting corner. A long kick and Homer went past his marker cut inside but only to hit the side netting.

18 minutes on the clock and Lynch took a high cross then hammered the ball deep into Warminster territory. Barnett followed in and won a race with the keeper toe poking the ball over the line.1-0.

Warminster whipped back with a move down the right but Dear's sliding tackle took the ball away from danger.

25 minutes and Haskell sent a pass left for Homer to break through. The ball agonizingly shaved the foot of the post with the keeper this time stranded.

Five minutes later a Delaney free kick was chested down by Haskell to Dyer. A tremendous volley went inches over the bar.

33 minutes was highlight of the day. A strong swirling wind carried the ball high over the touch line. An athletic Neville Munson leaped four inches clearing the grass and missed the catch. There followed 2 minutes of scramble as the ball evaded clutching hands. Nev's agony finished with a respirator being trundled to his rescue.

40 minutes had Gajic and Haskell working the ball through a tough defence. Gajic finished the move with a rising shot just wide of the post.

Just on the whistle as a long clearance found a runner and a cross shot was well saved by an alert Lynch.

Half Time 1-0

Warminster stormed into the attack on the whistle. A great move down their left, a good cross but thankfully Lynch was on hand to make a good catch under pressure. It was cut and thrust for a while as both teams committed themselves to attack. Our back four looked solid and with Evans and Dear in exceptional form we were able to use overlap to advantage. The spine of Delaney Kelly and Lynch was as good as ever so we were able to hold the Warminster danger men at bay. Evans intercepted a a flank ball and racing away brought Barnett into play with a chip over the full back. Barnett crossed low into the box and a Gajic shot was blocked and cleared. Dyer won a strong challenge in th middle of the park and Webb followed up carrying the ball through the middle to try a shot. Warminster's keeper was in top form and a catch under the bar kept the score at 1-0.

We then hit a purple patch as we got on top. Webb and Homer did well to work the ball down the left and Homer's cross was headed over by Haskell.

Gajic then tried a header from a Barnett cross but that final clinical finish was missing. 59 minutes we had a throw headed on to Dear. A run was closed down and we won a corner. Haskell headed on and the keeper turned the ball over the bar. The corner was touched on by Delaney but a strong clearance denied us another chance.

65 minutes we forced a melee in the box. Webb tried a shot, Haskell half hit a bouncing ball and Homer's volley hit a defender and bounced clear.

We then found a resurgent Warminster causing us problems on their left. A couple of good runs and crosses spelt concerns these evidenced by both Adie Arnold and Mark Beverley pacing the edge of the dugout

A break on the right, a deep cross and Lynch earned his corn with a cracking dive to stop the ball reaching the other side of the area.

A clash in the centre of the park gave Warminster a free kick. The ball dropped on the penalty spot. Warminster's backs had joined in and we had something resembling a table tennis match as we defended in numbers. Finally Lynch was able to gather high and a typical Lynch launch sent away Haskell. A shot in the run was gathered by the keeper.

The whistle went on a 1-0 win but one that we had to dig in and earn in the latter stages of the game.

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