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Match Report Verwood Town vs Petersfield Town 7-Jan-2012


Haskell tried to copy last week’s early goal but defensive cover in the box was enough to divert the ball for a corner. Homer’s inswinger was fisted away and a long ball into our back four looked dangerous. Delaney went Giraffe style and his header was enough to stop the attack.

3 minutes and Petersfield playing a long ball punted the ball into our half. Delaney intercepted and chipped the ball on to Haskell. A lob found Homer and a half volley was diverted for a corner. In it came and Webb’s shot was cleared off the line. Kelly ran in to hammer a low shot but again a solid eleven on the line stopped the ball from reaching the back of the net. A counter attack had Evans and Dear covering space and Evans took the sting out of the threat feeding the ball back to Lynch.

We were split wide open with 9 minutes gone and it was left to a linesman’s offside flag to stop Lynch from having a heart attack.

2 minutes later a spirited attack was broken up by a long Kelly leg. Delaney took over and played in Evans. A line ball gave Gajic a chance to run at the heart of Petersfield’s back four. Cutting in from the line Gajic tried a left foot shot but only to see it go over the bar. A minute later Dyer and Delaney moved the ball forward to Haskell. A miscue sent the ball wide.

10 minutes left of the half and we were frustrated at missed opportunities. Satterley had a chance to reverse the trend but his one on one was won by the keeper.. The central defenders for Petersfield shone as we worked hard to crack the 0-0 score line. Our mistake was trying to move the ball through the middle and not recognizing a need to alter the style of play.

Lynch had to have safe hands for a high ball into the box and then made a low save to his right to stop a hopeful shot from just outside the box.

Gajic and Homer went close as the ball move end to end.

46 minutes and we almost cracked it as we strung a good move together leaving Delaney to try a header from the edge of the six yard box but it wasn’t to be.

Half Time 0-0.

We set off determined to make impact early in the second half. Satterley threaded the ball through a tight defence leaving Haskell to race for a chance in the box. Again the central pairing of Petersfield’s back four closed ranks and cleared the danger.

48 minutes Dyer’s ball into the area found Haskell. A downward header fell to Satterley who had followed in. A good right foot blaster was blocked. Homer ran in to volley over the bar. It was encouraging that we had managed to stay in control from the kick off giving hope for a goal. We pushed on and then suddenly found ourselves stranded as Petersfield cleared an attack and moved quickly on the flank. Four against three!! Evans closed the gap on the flank and Kelly dropped back to prop up Lynch. The cross was blocked by Evans but cruelly spun free. A quick follow up and the ball was dropped onto the penalty spot. Lynch was there to safely gather.

53 minutes produced a good passing move resulting in a corner. The ball dropped invitingly for Homer but his shot was blocked on the line. The time the rebound fell to Gajic and at last we saw the ball hit the back of the net. 1-0.

Petersfield’s counter attacking mode went on full throttle. Dear was stretched but Delaney backed up closely and the ball was cleared. Back it came as Petersfield turned up pressure. Webb and Dyer were now working overtime but Petersfield’s mid field was full of running and a desire to win the tackle. It made us step up pace.

We had a few chances to improve the score line but bad finishing left us anxious as Petersfield regularly mounted attacks. Oddly enough Adie Arnold and Mark Beverley were confident of our defensive quality and were comfortable with play. Their confidence was justified as we weathered the storm. One particular incident though could have altered things but a clear shot from the edge of the box threatened only wood pigeons.

Homer and Satterley worked the left flank with a few minutes left and Satterley’s shot from just in the area was well taken by the keeper.

Petersfield’s late flurry was capably handled by our back four and Lynch was left with a smile denoting a clean sheet.

Next week we are away to East Cowes Vics. It’s a crunch game and one that we are looking forward to. Anyone wishing to travel with the squad should join us at the Lymington Ferry terminal to connect with the 13.00 raft.

Full time 1-0

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