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Match Report Brockenhurst vs Verwood Town 19-Nov-2011


5 seconds gone and we were one down! A ball out wide from the whistle was hoofed to our right. A bit of a cock up from Evans and the ball was hammered past Lynch. 1-0. It must rank as one of the quickest goals ever scored in the Wessex League.

Brockenhurst were jubilant, we were having problems grappling with the event.

Some of the team got stuck in and Webb had a shot producing a cracking save from the home keeper. A long throw was intercepted and Satterley ran free but only to shoot wide.

5 minutes and Haskell had a shot beaten out with the follow up from Satterley palmed away. We were carrying the game at this stage and looking dangerous.

A minute later we almost had to call in the undertakers. A long clearance from the home keeper went to our right. A misjudgement from Evans on the bounce and a volley sailed into the net with Lynch wrong footed. Adie Arnold and Mark Beverley called for defibrillators. 2-0 and only 6 minutes on the clock!!

The game was quick and passing very good. Brock's forwards always looked dangerous on the break but we were now holding a tight formation and giving as good as we got.

Gajic and Homer worked hard to maintain attacks and Haskell always looked dangerous around the box. We couldn't score though and recognised it would have to be something special to beat the defence and keeper.

31 minutes and a powerhouse Haskell turned his marker and delivered a great shot the keeper did well to deflect. The clearance fell Homer's way. A hard low cross and there was Satterley to plant an excellent volley into the net 1-2.

The game was end to end for a while and then we applied extra pressure in the closing minutes of the half.

45 minutes a Like Homer Fired a short low, the deflected shot went in to the net 2-2 at half time.

Gajic forced his way through a packed defence and a shot from just inside the box was blocked and cleared. Dyer won the tussle and chipped a great ball to Homer. Homer went wide and delivered a cross for Gajic to try a shot but the keeper again made a good save at the foot of the post.

Brock hit back. Delaney got his scalp dirty getting underneath a dropping ball in the box. Kelly joined in the clearance and sent the ball wide to Evans. Evans had recovered from his dejection and a brilliant run and cross should have seen the ball in the net from a Satterley shot but a defender got in the way, then hoofing the ball clear. The ball finished up in the stand.

12 minutes, Brockenhurst cut through and a shot was half cleared by Lynch. The ball shot up in the air and then bounced into the net. 2-3.

Tails up Brockenhurst went for a fourth and in their estimation the killer. Kelly and Delaney proved impenetrable and the support from Evans and Dear made for a tight defensive wall. Brockenhurst tested our resilience but couldn't get through to Lynch.

Dyer and Webb worked tirelessly in the middle of the park. Gajic and Haskell had a slight edge on the defenders and on 69 minutes Haskell broke free and a low low cross found Satterley in the middle to push past the keeper to level the score 3-3.

The game opened up and for the spectators must have been one of the better ones for them spend their wages on.

Brock's keeper made a couple of brilliant saves under pressure as we pushed forward and then we were fortunate to see a ball topped in the box and drift wide when it would have been easier for it to nestle in the back of the net.

Both sides gave everything they had to a great finish. Lynch made a flying save with a couple of minutes left and then Homer sent in a volley that drew oohs and aahs as it sailed inches over the bar.

Both Managers were unhappy as missing three points but equally satisfied that the point gathered was well earned.

Spectators also were pleased with their afternoon entertainment.


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