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Match Report United Services Verwood Town vs Cowes Sports 12-Nov-11


Etched in our mind were the missed opportunities of scoring against New Milton. Agonisingly in the first minute a Gajic shot went just over the bar...A groan from Adie and Bev.

4 minutes and Homer zipped down the left then planted a shot wide of the post...another groan from Adie and Bev.

8 minutes a long ball out of Cowes defence had Lynch scampering off his line to make a good catch. A good throw found Evans, Evans to Webb on to Gajic and a run to the bye line. The cross was well taken by the keeper as Homer raced in from the left. No groan this time but when we checked we saw that Charlie Elysee had gagged them both.

Haskell collected a high ball from Kelly and turning his marker made headway into the box. A great tackle from Cowes centre half diverted the danger.

3 minutes later Gajic robbed a defender and a low shot skimmed the bar.

30 minutes saw Haskell break through into the box and unceremoniously dropped. Webb stepped up to plant the penalty into the bottom corner. 1-0.

We were playing well and having a major share of possession at this stage. Gajic energy gave him the edge on a chase for the ball just outside the area. Out came the keeper but Gajic went wide and shot from an angle. The full back raced across the goal line deflecting the ball wide of the net.

37 minutes Dyer and Webb worked the ball to the left. Homer joined in and a cross flew across the face of goal. Barnet shrugged off a defenders attention and rifled a shot past the keeper to give us number 2.

Matt Dear picked off a through ball with five minutes left and a cross field ball found Homer. A good run and cross gave Haskell a chance of increasing the lead but the keeper was bang on form to make a good save.

The half finished with a flurry of activity in Cowes box but we couldn't get number three.

Half Time 2-0

Over confidence, complacency, whatever it was allowed Cowes to carry the game. An attack straight from the kick off brought out a good stop from Lynch. A minute later a break on the right, a deep cross and a volley went wide. We looked a bit shell shocked.

We gave ground with 9 minutes gone of the half and a last ditch tackle was judged a penalty. No mistake. 2-1.

60 minutes and play in the middle of the park was converted to a full blown run on goal as a clever pass through the middle gave Cowes freedom. Lynch came out to narrow the angle but there was no error of judgement from the Cowes attacker....2-2.

We struggled to get back into the game. Cowes football had improved no end and we had a torrid time.

Kelly and Dear supported by Evans and Wilson did a tremendous job in defence. Lynch gave added confidence as his performance was impeccable at this stage.

69 minutes.... a double sub. On came Elysee and Slatterly for Barnet and Haskell.

Elysee had a run on goal within a minute of coming on but his shot left a lot to be desired.

Satterly used his pace to go clear and a rasping shot hit the foot of the post and bounce out.

It was a brief flurry. Cowes got back on top and we re- trenched. Dyer dropped back just in front of the back four to bolster our defence leaving Webb and Gajic to forage.

Homer had been quite because of the lack of support but with 10 minutes left had a great run finishing with a shot that whistle just wide of the post. A minute later it was a replica run and this time the keeper had a lot to do to keep the scores even.

Both side had chances at the end but the score line remained.......


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