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Match Report United Services Andover New Street vs Verwood Town 5-Nov-2011


Delaney intercepted a through ball, spread it wide to Barnet and a hard low cross into the box was met by Gajic. A stooping header had us on the score board with only 2 minutes gone. 1-0.

Stung into action Andover used their greyhound on the right to hit the bye line and cross for a volley to fly across the box. Luckily there was no follow up and we stayed in front.

Murray suffered a twisted ankle with 10 minutes gone and Dan Wilson came on to try and shackle a very quick right flank.

Kelly and Delaney weathered a series of central high balls but it was Evans whose continual excellent performances caught the eye with great covering.

22 minutes and another rail down our left opened up for a fierce cross shot. Lynch had it covered though as it whistled just wide.

Barnet and Webb worked the flank and a cross from Barnet was steered goalwards by Haskell but the keeper leapt high to palm away. It was a good open game with thrills and spills at both ends.

32 minutes and Delaney made the tackle of the game as a break through the middle caught us out. Delaney, racing back made a sliding tackle timed to perfection to clear the ball out of the area.

Lynch then made the save of the match as a powerful half volley flew for the bottom corner. Lynch dived low and a strong hand diverted the ball away from danger.

Half Time 1-0.

Only 40 seconds had elapsed when Gajic spotted a gap in a settling defence. A low pass to Haskell and Haskell's shot brought out a great save from the home keeper.

9 minutes and pressure from Andover created space for a run on goal. Evans spotted the danger and raced across to make a brilliant tackle, taking the ball clean and clearing the area with a pass to Webb. Webb ran on, out to Barnet a clip over the defender and Gajic hit a low shot that hit the side netting.

Gajic again caught the eye with some neat footwork opening a gap in Andover's back four for Haskell to run in and test again the quality of the home keeper. A safe pair of hands did the trick. A long high clearance saw the ball land over Kelly but Delaney picked it off and a simple back header gave the ball to Lynch.

Andover pressed forward. Football was good and a solid defence gave the feeling we would have to do something special to get number 2.

Homer had been relatively quiet but suddenly sparked into action. Dan Wilson's interception from a right wing move hit the ball down the line. Homer raced free, rounded the full back and a delivery into the box was clipped wide by Gajic.

It was Homer and Haskell who breached the home sides defence with 35 minutes gone but the finishing touch flew wide.

37 minutes and Elysee came for Barnet.

38 minutes Elysee's burst of speed put him clear and there was no mistake as the keeper came out but despairingly saw the ball zip past into the bottom corner. 2-0.

We stayed on top for the rest of the half finishing with a creditable win. 2-0.

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