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Match Report Cove vs Verwood Town 10-Sep-2011


We needed to win this fixture not just for the progression that we enjoyed last year but also to build on the win we experienced last week.

We couldn’t have had a better start. 30 seconds had elapsed when Smalley wriggled free of his marker and a low cross was just missed by Webb. It could have been a dream moment.

Cove hit high and long finding a very in form centre forward. A lay back and a shot from just outside the area was covered by Lynch.

4 minutes gone a cross into Cove box was spilled and we saw a couple of shots blocked on the line. A half clearance fell towards Dyer and the ball was whipped past defenders into the net. 1-0.

Stung into retaliation Cove moved down the right and a cross whistled across the area wanting a touch. Luckily no one had followed up so we escaped.

14 minutes had us in total disarray. No discipline in the middle and at the back resulted in another cross flying in the box and this time a right foot rising shot sped past Lynch into the top corner. 1-1.

We got worse. Few passes found our own players and we watched as Cove won most tackles.. Certainly they won every second ball.

Evans was an exception as he fought hard for us at the back and got stuck in. A simple move through the middle had us at sixes and sevens but again it was a reliable Evans who swept up and sent Smalley away on the right. A cross was begging to be turned in but we lacked desire and the ball was easily cleared.

Haskell and Saxby looked like Lone Ranger and Tonto as the middle of the park was vacated. Few balls found their way up front.

46 minutes a simple cross was touched in and we went in at half time 1-2

Haskell and Saxby got through in the first couple of minutes but a very alert No.4 read the attack well and blocked passage into the area.

50 minutes we gave away a free kick just outside the box. A floater dropped onto the penalty spot and Coves centre forward got in front of all our defenders to plant a header past Lynch for Cove’s No.3.

A cross ball from Brown found Dyer and a line ball to Elysee gave room for a measured pass to Haskell. A good shot was beaten out.

52 minutes Smalley came off for Freeman to join the lost cause. As he settled, Brown went down with a foot problem. Richards on the bench should have been a ready substitute, but he had damaged his ankle in the kick about so Brown was told to get on with it and limp into tackles.

54 minutes, Cove strolled through a lack lustre defence leaving a very good centre forward to try and beat Lynch. He couldn’t. Lynch won the one on one pushing the ball out for a corner. The corner luckily was wild and woolly drifting over the bar.

61 minutes was charity time. Cove moved quickly forward through a static defence and we parted at the back leaving a free shot to make it 1-4.

The next 10 minutes we could have gone further behind but sterling work from Evans Wilson and Lynch kept the score at a reasonable 1-4. Cove wanted more. We wanted the whistle. We just didn’t want to know. The middle of the park saw only yellow shirts. We had two players only operating up front and even Saxby had to forage for a while as we surrounded our area.

4 minutes left and we broke away. Dyer again was the provider of a cross that bounced invitingly on the edge of the box. This time Haskell had made ground and a volley had the keeper beaten to make it 2-4. A few attacks from Cove were controlled but the result....

Final Score 2-4

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