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Match Report Cowes Sports vs Verwood Town 14-Sep-19


Heggan’s free kick landed nicely on Lee Vint’s head but what would have been our fastest goal of the season disappeared when the keeper took the ball from under the bar. A long kick up field and the counter warned of things to come. This time Kelly headed down for Heggan to jink his way out of the box and spring our own instant response. Rutten checked inside and had a shot from the edge of the box. This one went wide.

The game continued to see saw. The new central pairing of Brigden and Kelly did well to contain opposing quick forwards, but it needed Dyer’s intervention to take the ball off toes 6 yards out with 10 minutes gone.

Heggan and Hall were gaining more possession as the half continued and Danvers overlapping runs added a different dimension to attacking options.

Heggan’s free kick on 15 min landed on Kelly’s head and a gentle flick over the keeper put us ahead 1-0.

6 minutes later we should have gone 2 up but after a Stuttard – Vint break, Davies topped his shot finishing the move giving the keeper an easy save.

A minute later Owen Brigden suffered cramp and a suspected muscle strain forcing him to come off. Jaydon Taylor went midfield while Russ Dyer and Josh Hall dropped into defensive roles alongside Kelly.

The game was end to end. Heggan’s through ball released Vint. An angled shot went wide.

Danvers robbed the ball just outside our box with 5 minutes left and a great cross found Stuttard. A low ball into Cowes box was hoofed high into our third. A scramble followed and a deflected clearance bounced ideally for a runner to head the ball into the net 1-1.

Then we had the highlight. Two yellows…Sin Bin qualified. Then to top it the Cowes manager claimed third spot in the bin.

2 minutes later we claimed a penalty. Heggan’s shot was handled in the box so Lee Vint put the ball past the keeper to make it 2-2.

Half Time 2-2

Stuttard delivered a grass cutter, splitting Cowes backs. Rutten latched on but put the ball past the post. Cowes were swelled to 11 again as the Sin Bin emptied.

Heggan had a shot kicked off the line. Danvers beat his marker to the ball. A chip found Vint and a glancing header deserved better than a clipped post.

14 of the half gone and we relaxed too much allowing a runner space to chip a ball to an unmarked player. 2-2

3 minutes later the ref gave a penalty to Cowes. The ball had been volleyed into the box. Russ Dyer got in the way and suffered a mouth bleed. A penalty ????? The ref’s arm was in an uptight lock 2-3.

20 gone and Rutten rounded a defender and a low shot was blocked. The re bound fell nicely for Vint. No mistake 3-3.

We then fell apart. Cowes couldn’t believe their luck. Goals rattled in and we were lucky to come away with only 7 being put past us.

Result 3-7.