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Match Report Verwood Town vs Bournemouth 28-Aug-18


The difference between a team doing well in Wessex Prem and us was stark. We were outplayed for most of the game and had nothing in our locker to respond. It led to a six goal defeat.

We had a few visits to Bournemouth’s third of the pitch and on a couple of occasions should have had the ball in the net. Sadly we were on holiday up front and never threatened.

The first couple of minutes gave an indication of how things would pan out when Sam Joy had to almost develop a hernia stretching his leg to twice its normal length to stop a run on the left.

A minute later Glatzel soared above opposition numbers in the box to head clear.

The opening salvo was long ball and runners but as the game progressed Poppies proved they could play good football along the deck.

Head picked a pocket on the right and a great ball found Cole. A deep cross followed but -- no one on the end of it. The ball replicated a NASA launch, two runners and fortunately Pierson did the business cutting out the threat with a tackle on the edge of the box.

Tierney was busy and made a couple of excellent saves.

Our midfield worked hard with Dyer Head and Gajic chasing down anything that broke in the middle.

Tierney palmed out a volley but it led to a follow in and we were one down 0-1.

Bournemouh’s switch to carpet football paved the way for a break on the left. Tierney was out quickly and the player managed to trip over Tierney’s outstretched arms. A BAFTA would have been the correct award but a penalty made it 0-2.

25 minutes and a run down the left finished with a cross shot 0-3.

Half Time 0-3

Tierney had to come off at half time because of illness. On came Mr. Versatility Joe Kimber. Eaton had to join Tierney with a hamstring problem so in his place on came O’Hare to ply his wares. Carkeet moved into left flank and O’Hare was taken by the hand and led to full back spot. We changed shape a little. Bournemouth were not impressed and put the ball in the net after a couple of minutes, 0-4.

A lithe Kimber, saved a high shot and was under threat for a time, but showed good hands on several occasions. As the game progressed Dyer Head and Gajc dropped deeper to forage.

Our forward line had gone AWOL.

68 minutes and Jack Mills came on for Ben Hatch. It didn’t make any difference.
75 minutes a high ball into our back four, a runner, 0-5. 10 minutes later we were opened up like a can of sardines 0-6.

We won a corner with 1 minute left. Sam Joy put it over the bar from 2 feet. !!!

Bottom line we were not good enough on the night and lacked the quality required to compete.

Result 0-6.