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Match Report Verwood Town vs Whitchurch 6-Feb-2008


This was a rearranged fixture. Our last attempt finished at half time due to fog hiding the referee.

Whitchurch had a much different side on the night and opened with an unusual vim and vigour. They were straight into the attack and Lynch powered a header out of the box only to see it come straight back as Whitchurch made sure they were first in to the ball.

We survived the onslaught and Homer sent away Goodall with an excellent pass just dropping behind a central defender. Goodall made ground, knocked the ball wide to Dyer, and took the return ball to hammer a low shot forciong a good save from the keeper.

The pace of the game was surprising and the tackles didn't allow for prisoners.

11 minutes and we broke on the right. Goodall again was the mainspring and a cross found Dyer whose header could have done with a couple of feet shaved off the height.

Willis made a good save from a volley just outside the box and then Yerby used his pace to good effect as he cut out a raid on the right.

We suffered a period of mid field play as both side battered away to create a breakthrough.

32 minutes and a Homer inspired attack on the left saw the ball crossed and put out for a corner. In came the inswinger and a hand ball gave Goodall a chance to increase his goal tally. There was no mistake and we went ahead 1-0.

We stayed on top and both Arnold and Truan had shots deflected from danger.

Half-Time 1-0

It was a memorable start as we stormed forward. Usually we are useless at the beginning of a second half but tonight we looked as if we would take this game by the scruff of the neck and give our spectators something worth turning up for.

Two attacks in the first minute had the keeper on his toes saving from Goodall and Dyer.

A punt down the left to relieve the pressure put Whitchurch on the offensive. Yerby's sliding tackle was judged to be a bit fierce. The free kick whistled in to the box and the ball continued the whistling exercise as a glancing header diverted it past Willis' clutching hands. 1-1.

We were stunned but hit back and Goodall linked with Truan to open up Whitchurch defence for Homer to drive a shot into the side netting.

Whitchurch gained momentum and we gave ground. Another sliding tackle gave away another free kick and a replica of the Whitchurch leveller gave them the lead. 1-2.

We were shell shocked and played as though we were taking place in a Zombie B movie. Whitchurch cut through us like a knife through butter. 62 minutes and a left foot shot from just outside the box dipped over Willis to put us behind 1-3.

70 minutes and a run from the right went unchecked. Outside the box another rocket shot past Willis to make the score 1-4.

There was nothing we appeared to be able to do to stop Whitchurch rolling us over. Dyer luckily didn't yield the same way and a right foot shot from the edge of the box gave a score line of 2-4.

3 minutes later we gave away another free kick this time on the right. A glancing header 2-5 !!!!!

46 minutes gone and we watched as the centre forward shrugged off three token tackles and hit a 30 yarder into the roof of the net. 2-6.

We were thankful for the whistle. A dreadful second half yet again had cost us dearly. We got what we deserved and any hopes of surviving in the Premier Division with performances like this would be black edged.

2-6 !!!!!!